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Installed in the Workstation 102,
Shoreham Street, Sheffield
on 5th May 2015

‘Whispers’ is a conceptual interactive audio-visual installation about the fallibility of memory. One persons memories are passed through a generation loss mechanism, gradually deteriorating them - representing the actual way memory deteriorates and corrupts over time and recollection


The title ‘Whispers’ comes from the children’s game ‘Chinese Whispers’; where a phrase is whispered along a line of people, getting more and more displaced the further it goes around; till eventually it is usually completely different from the original phrase.  In a way, recollecting memories is very similar – to remember is to reassemble from various scattered neurones in the brain, a process that is often done wrong.  This means that the more you remember something, the further from the original truth it is.  This aspect of neuroscience intrigues me, as this means that our most cherished memories, the ones we recall most often, are most likely incredibly warped – and if as people, our identities are just a collection of our memories, what questions does this raise about the notions of self?



Lucy Smith-Jones


Tim Buchanan & rob mac 

Sound Designer

Alex Rhule-Martin



Rosalie Bower


With Thanks to 

Everyone at the Sheffield Hallam University Creative Media Centre Stores, Paul Verity-Smith, Cara Lampron, Jessica Reynolds, 

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