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Lucy Smith-Jones is a filmmaker/comedian/photographer/visual artist from South London (based up north though, to be near Hendersons Relish).  "Their films have a wonderful comic timing with well-crafted dialogue and a sharp eye and ear for the absurd. Their  feminist sensibility is infused with reference to both contemporary and classic art." She has shown her work at several screenings and festivals in The UK, Europe and North America.

Studying Film and Media production at Sheffield Hallam, Lucy also diversified into photography and video art during their time at  the Bauhuas Universität, Germany.  Their  photography series Cheese! was selected for the end of year exhibition Some Rooms Of Fortune.  And because one masters wasn't painful enough she also has an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries from Sussex University, specialising in how digital media within theatre.

As well as visual media work, they have been actively involved in theatre in Sheffield;  in 2016 she co-founded a small theatre company, before moving on to more advanced projects.  They also co-run the queer comedy open mic night: an inclusive and open space that aims to celebrate and support comedy from a community that is typically ignored or vilified in comedy circles.

They are currently employed as Multimedia Producer at Sheffield Theatres, creating video content and coordinating live streams of their award winning productions.

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