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Lucy Smith-Jones is a filmmaker/comedian/photographer/visual artist from South London.  "Her films have a wonderful comic timing with well-crafted dialogue and a sharp eye and ear for the absurd. Her feminist sensibility is infused with reference to both contemporary and classic art." She has shown her work at several screenings and festivals in The UK, Europe and North America.

As well as producing short films, she has also diversified into photography and video art. During her time at the Bauhuas Universität, Germany she exhibited both her photography series Cheese! as well as a moving image art piece called Susannah. Her masters’ degree project, Whispers, was an interactive audio-visual installation that drew influence from cinema as a medium as well as philosophical notions of self.

In 2014 she founded her production company Rëdonya Media and has produced a number of videos; ranging from promotional work, educational media and collaborative filmmaking.

As well as her visual media work, she has been actively involved in theatre in Sheffield; producing, directing and performing in a number of productions for nearly three years.  In 2016 she co-founded Butter Side Up Theatre Company, acting as Digital Media Director and Treasurer.  

She is currently employed as Multimedia Producer at Sheffield Theatres, creating video content and coordinating live streams of their award winning productions.