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Sound Design Work

Promotional Audio Flyers

Sound Designer | 2021-Present


These audio flyers are created to promote audio described productions at Sheffield Theatres.  The majority of these have been created with Hear The Picture, an actor led audio description company.

Sunny Side Up Radio Plays

Sound Designer | 2020


During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, Butter Side Up Theatre Company organised socially distanced radio plays.  Rehearsals were held over zoom and the audio was recorded using their mobile phones.  

Horny Doctors Podcast

Sound Designer, Co-Host | 2020


One of the many, many, many lockdown podcasts: my friend Ella Nobre-Watts and I started a Greys Anatomy recap podcast; thankfully we only got through the first season.

These are selections of my experimental soundscapes from my time at university


Thin Walls

Dir. Emma Tackney & Lucy Smith-Jones 2011

A short sound piece set in a surreal highrise hallway.

Broken Promise

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2011

A piece of experimental music I made as part of my music technology course.

All sounds (aside from piano and cymbal) are made from a single recording of a man reading an article about the tuition fee's scandal in 2010.

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