Sound Design Work

Sheffield Theatres Promotional Audio Flyers

Sound Designer | 2021-Present


These audio flyers are to promote Sheffield Theatres productions to visually impaired audiences.

Sunny Side Up Radio Plays

Sound Designer | 2020


During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, Butter Side Up Theatre Company organised socially distanced radio plays.  Rehearsals were held over zoom and the audio was recorded using their mobile phones.  

Horny Doctors Podcast

Sound Designer, Co-Host | 2020


My friend Ella Nobre-Watts and I started a Greys Anatomy recap podcast!

These are selections of my experimental sound pieces.  

Sound Pieces

Thin Walls

Dir. Emma Tackney & Lucy Smith-Jones 2011

A short sound piece set in a surreal highrise hallway.

Broken Promise

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2011

A piece of experimental music I made as part of my music technology course.

All sounds (aside from piano and cymbal) are made from a single recording of a man reading an article about the tuition fee's scandal in 2010.

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