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Short Films

During my time at university, I directed eight short films some of which have been screened at various festivals around the world and been included in projects linked with the European commision.

What Would Dali Do?

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2014

Ella is an exasperated art student, struggling to come up with an idea for her end of year art piece. She finds herself becoming more and more unhinged as she struggles to work; faced with an overbearing boyfriend, psychotic housemate and dearth of ideas she battles figments of her imagination to overcome her creative slump.

After Party

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2013

Quirky live action meets animation comedy. Ella wakes up the morning after a party, unable to recall the previous night.

Helena & The Twilighters

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2013

A short documentary about Berlin based swing band Helena and the Twilighters. Filmed at the Yorkschlösschen in Mehringdamm, Berlin.


Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2013

Short poetic documentary about The Yorkschlösschen, a jazz club in Berlin.

From Here To There

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2012

A peculiar experimental film about a theif evading capture by jumping demensions....

A Matter Of Life And Rent

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2012

A short black comedy about a student who accidentally kills his landlord, and must now dispose of the body...


Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2012

An experimental drama about a man looks back on his life before he dies.

Number One Dad

Dir. Lucy Smith-Jones 2012

A short comedy about a young man contemplating coming out to his father, and the various ways it could go wrong.

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